31 May

Introducing Perspica MetriX for Full Stack Observability

We’re excited to introduce Perspica MetriX, helping companies learn which metrics matter so that they can detect and resolve anomalies faster.

Many of today’s business services and applications are supported by “hyper-scale” architectures that generate massive amounts of monitoring data. Due to the adoption of DevOps and infrastructure monitoring automation, modern companies are generating and streaming millions of data points per second across millions of metrics. With this volume of data, production ops teams are no longer able to keep up with what alarms are valid, much less how to fix them. Perspica uses artificial intelligence to analyze high volumes of application and infrastructure data in real time, using machine learning to establish behavior profiling and understand what is normal behavior while leveraging anomaly detection to reduce alarm storms.

Simply put, Perspica’s data analysis software can consume a company’s entire telemetry data stream and apply machine learning algorithms to automatically baseline system performance to identify what is abnormal. Using these learned baselines, customers have visibility into their anomalous data in real-time using Perspica’s unique intelligent anomaly detection approach. By using AI solutions to implement an advanced alarming strategy, Perspica generates only actionable alarms for the impactful metrics which actually represent a problem, dramatically reducing alert fatigue.

The result? Full stack observability and analysis for your mission critical business services and applications.


Perspica’s Metric Dashboard

  • Analyze millions of metrics and data points per second in real time
  • Get immediate visibility into all your relevant metrics
  • Automate threshold management
  • Detect anomalous behavior by baselining your services, applications, and infrastructure
  • Eliminate false and redundant alarms
  • Automate alarm correlation
  • Automate root cause analysis using Perspica’s Incident Replay™
  • See health status by what matters to you — data center, services, applications, infrastructure – all in one place


Perspica’s Metric Browser


Visualize in Grafana


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